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NOVATRACK: 100% Acrylic Colored Track Surface

Novatrack is a high pigmented 100% acrylic polymer filled colored EPDM rubber.  Novatrack is designed for use on new Asphalt or over existing color surfaces including Latex and SAR Tracks.


Colors Available

Novatrack is a high pigmented 100% acrylic polymer filled with colored EPDM rubber. The colors available are Red, Blue, Green and Black.

Novatrack is a concentrate to be diluted two(2) parts Novatrack to one (1) part water; or 15 gallons of water added with each 30-gallon drum. Asphalt pavement must be completely cured (30 days) prior to application of Novatrack.



Application shall be done with a neoprene rubber squeegee or with a spray apparatus capable of spraying rubber filled granules suspended in acrylic binder.

Suggested application shall be 2 to 3 coats of Novatrack. For each application applied, allow 24 hours of good drying weather. Inspect track surface between coats and scrape off any lumps of foreign matter. Touch up any areas that may have been missed with a broom, brush or squeegee.

Application rate is as follows:
- 0.3 to 0.1 gallons per square yard per coat.

This amount will vary depending on porosity, density, and smoothness of the base, and the technique used in application.

Allow 24 hours after application prior to marking track. All lines and other markings must be done with acrylic sports surface marking paints such as Novaline. do not open the track for runners for at least 48 hours after marking. If possible, wait a full week.

Clean up all tools and equipment with soap and water as soon as possible after using. This product is considered safe to the applicator and the environment. It is non-hazardous and has no flash point. No special safety equipment other than eye protection is needed.


  • Temperature must be 50 degrees Fahrenheit and rising for application. Surface temperatures in excess of 140 degrees Fahrenheit may not allow proper film formation.

  • All NOVACRYLIC coatings are waterborne and cannot cure in cold temperatures or when subject to moisture. Care should be taken not to apply coatings when rain is forecast or sudden drop of temperature is expected. Climatic conditions such as very cool evenings and high dew points dictate that work should be completed early in the day so the coatings can be exposed to enough warm sunlight to form a film before sunset. The opposite applies during times of high heat, low humidity and drying breezes. Under these conditions, work very early in the morning or very late in the day. If the product seems to drying too fast in hot weather, mist the pavement with water to make the application easier. Care must be taken to allow each application to dry thoroughly prior to recoating.

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