Since 1984 our ultra-premium Novacrylic® brand has been designed to provide unmatched surface longevity and performance.

See why Nova Sports' is the surface of choice for court owners that demand only the best…


By using premium acrylic binders with high solids we are able to add more pigment, texture and filler, resulting in greater U.V. resistance, film thickness and durability*. Each Novacrylic® system is manufactured with a unique proprietary blend designed specifically for the particular sport being played.


Enjoy your vibrant court surface for years to come with 2x** the industry standard for color retention. Premium U.V. resistant pigments ensure a brilliant long lasting surface, while low glare properties further enhance the playing experience.


All textured surfaces use a unique low abrasive texture reducing wear on shoes, balls and more importantly your body. Since these special aggregates contain no sharp edges we are able to maximum texture with minimum abrasion. All Novacrylic® textured systems are ITF classified for tournament play.

worldwide dealer network

To ensure our products are installed within our guidelines and specifications Novacrylic® products are available through a worldwide network of certified installers. Novacrylic® Certified Installers ensure the quality our customers have come to know and expect over the last three decades. Certified Novacrylic® installers are available in all 50 states and over 40 countries.

environmentally friendly

Nova Sports USA is committed to providing an ultra-premium surface without any harm to the environment. All Novacrylic® Sports Surfaces are non-hazardous, free of ammonia and qualify for up to three LEED certification credits from the U.S. Green Building Council.

manufacturing technology and innovation

Nova Sports is unique in the coating industry as acrylic sports surfaces are the only thing we do. This enables us to devote 100% of our research and development towards a single brand. These efforts led by our chief polymer chemist ensure industry leading quality, performance and innovation throughout the Novacrylic® product line. Novacrylic® coatings are manufactured in a state of the art facility designed specifically to produce acrylic sport surfaces. This facility enables to us to provide maximum efficiency while maintaining the highest level of quality control.

*2x industry standard ASTM G154 durability testing         **2x industry standard ASTM G155 color retention testing