Nova Sports U.S.A.® is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality All-Weather tennis court surfaces in the world. Novacrylic® tennis court surfaces are 100% premium acrylic, all of our surfaces are 100% environmentally friendly. Novacrylic® tennis court surfaces are available in a full range of All-Weather sport surface systems.

Nova Sports U.S.A.® specializes in manufacturing the highest quality 100% acrylic tennis court surfaces found anywhere.

Starting from a standard 2 coat Novacrylic® tennis court surface to the ultimate Nova Ultracushion® tennis court surface, Novacrylic® tennis court surfaces are available in 12 standard colors!

Nova Sports U.S.A.® also manufactures extra-tough acrylic sports surfacing for playgrounds, basketball surfaces, shuffleboard surfaces, jogging surfaces, and other sports that require a surface that won’t mark easily and will stand up to a tougher use.

Nova Sports U.S.A.® manufactures Novaplay® II an extra tough inline skating surface system that has a slightly textured finish.

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