Combination Surface

The Combination Surface® system is an all in one blend of both the Novacoat® finish and Novafil® texture coats.

This ultra-premium tennis surface provides unsurpassed resilience, flexibility and ultra-violet resistance. The Combination Surface® system provides players a unique low abrasive texture reducing wear on shoes, balls and more importantly your body. The system brings an unmatched level of beauty, longevity and toughness to the game with brilliant U.V. resistant pigments, durable high solid acrylics and over thirty years of proven performance. The Combination Surface® is classified as medium pace by the ITF (International Tennis Federation).

  • Minimum Application Temperature is 50°F and rising.
  • Application is with a neoprene rubber squeegee.
  • Novacrylic Combination Surface is not hazardous* and is free of lead, mercury, asbestos and formaldehyde.

*According to standards in place at the time this document was created, this product is rated non-hazardous

Acrylic textured tennis court surface

Minimum of 15-Gal water up to 21-Gal water to 30-Gal of Combination coating
Blue, Stadium Court Blue, Canadian Violet, Classic Green, Grass Green, Novagreen, Red, Burgundy, Terra Cotta, Sand Dune
2 or 3 coats Combination surface
2 Coats Combination surface
(optional) 1 coat Novasurface acrylic resurfacer, 2 or 3 coats Combination surface
0.05625 gallons per sq. yd., per coat // 160 - 190 sq. ft. per gallon, per coat
1 court (60’ x 120’) requires 80-100 gallons for two coats
5 gallon pail, 30 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote
color selectorData Sheetprotect from heatdo not freeze