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The World’s Best All-Weather Sports Surface

In 1984, Benjamin Righter, former president of Truflex Recreation Coatings and his wife Ruth M. Righter, founded Nova Sports USA with the desire to manufacture the highest quality sport surfaces available anywhere. From the beginning, he was joined by his son, Jeffrey Righter, who managed production and developed innovative products that have modernized the tennis surfacing industry. Jeffrey also spent many hours in the field working with contractors, gathering data to develop a more user-friendly tennis surface. In 1984, Jeff invented Nova Combination Surface®, which revolutionized acrylic tennis surfacing. Nova Combination Surface was developed for one contractor in particular in Louisiana who wanted to improve upon the field-mix. It was introduced and made available in 1985. Also in 1984, working with Ben, Jeff created a two-step, elastomeric crack-repair system, known as Novacaulk®, which is now the industry standard for repairing small cracks.

Robert Righter now President joined as marketing director in 1995 and his twin brother Bill came on board in 1998 as the treasurer. Robert’s son Jacob was hired in 2006 and is the current director of sales and marketing. When Bill’s son Joe joined as logistics manager in 2011 the family aspect of the business was complete. The other members of our staff are like extended family, committed to customer service. As a result, we have many loyal customers.

A common misconception about our family-owned business is that we’re small. On the contrary, Nova Sports USA is one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic sport surfaces in the world. One benefit our customers enjoy is that each person they speak to can resolve situations as they arise, rather than prolonging a solution by trying to track down a decision-maker.

Novacrylic® sport surfacing systems are 100% acrylic, non-hazardous materials for sports such as tennis, basketball, inline hockey, tracks and shuffleboard. Our surfaces are designed for indoor and outdoor use, over asphalt or concrete.

Nova Sports USA
opened in Holliston, Massachusetts, and installed custom-designed manufacturing equipment, geared specifically for the production of acrylic sport surface materials. We have continued to expand and improve our facility, using the most modern equipment in the industry. In March 2001, Nova Sports USA moved its headquarters to a new facility in Milford, Massachusetts, and added new equipment to meet the growing sales.

Our goal of making every product in the Novacrylic® line second to none in quality and performance is our guarantee. Choosing a Novacrylic® system will result in your total satisfaction. We strive to produce the finest, safest acrylic sport surfaces in the world. Novacrylic® tennis surface systems have been approved by the ITF Foundation for tournament play and classified as category three medium play and category four medium-fast play.

Nova Sports USA distributes its products through a network of tennis court builders worldwide. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding all-weather acrylic surfaces. Perhaps we can recommend a qualified builder in your area to apply our surfaces.