Since 1984 our goal at Nova Sports USA has been to manufacture the highest quality sports surfaces in the world. Each product has a unique acrylic blend designed specifically for the sport being played.   Novacrylic® tennis court systems are designed to provide the industry’s highest level of performance and comfort. All Novacrylic® tennis systems contain a proprietary blend of durable high solid acrylic binders with ultra-premium pigments to provide a brilliant long lasting surface. Textured tennis systems use a unique ITF classified low abrasive texture reducing wear on balls, shoes and more importantly your body. Cushioned tennis systems contain a virgin EPDM rubber blend with advanced elastomeric binders resulting in maximum shock absorption. Low glare properties further enhance the playing experience on indoor or outdoor use.


Acrylic textured tennis court surface

The Combination Surface® system is an all in one blend of both the Novcoat® finish and Novafil® texture coats. This ultra-premium tennis surface provides unsurpassed resilience, flexibility and ultra-violet resistance. The systems proprietary texture blend provides a consistent low abrasive surface, while low glare properties further enhance the playing experience.

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Acrylic texture, sand filled

Is an acrylic sand filled texture coat designed for use under the Novcoat® finish coat.

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Acrylic topcoat

Novacoat® is a high solid acrylic top coat designed to provide a flexible wearing surface for tennis.

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Small Rubber Filled Acrylic Cushion

Is a special elastomeric acrylic blend with fine EPDM rubber particles to provide increased comfort and lessen player fatigue.

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Large Rubber Filled Acrylic Cushion

Ultracushion® is the ultimate shock absorbing surface. A special blend of EPDM rubber granules with a super soft elastomeric binder provides the highest level of comfort and performance to the tennis player.

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