Since 1984 our goal at Nova Sports USA has been to manufacture the highest quality sports surfaces in the world. Each product has a unique acrylic blend designed specifically for the sport being played.   Novacrylic® multi-sport systems use an advanced blend of the “hardest” acrylics available resulting in a tough, durable coating able to withstand the harshest conditions. Novacrylic® multi-sport systems bring a new level of beauty, longevity and toughness to the game with brilliant U.V. resistant pigments, resilient high solid acrylic blends and over thirty years of proven performance.


Basketball & playground coating - heavy duty

NOVAPLAY is a high performance, heavy duty, color coating system for pavements that are subjected to more wear than tennis courts. The appearance of Novaplay is very similar to that of a tennis court surface, however, it is formulated with a tougher acrylic emulsion so as to be able to stand up to abuse from street shoes, roller skates, skateboards, vehicular traffic and objects such as furniture legs, etc.

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In-line skating surface

NOVAPLAY II is a high performance, heavy duty, non-textured colored top coat. Novaplay II is designed to be used as a system with Novaplay Base Coat resulting in a slightly textured finish. This complete system is ideal for such sports as in-line skating, street hockey, basketball, shuffleboard, and other games where a smooth, non-skid coating is required.

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