Novaplay Pickleball Surface

Novaplay® Pickleball Surface is a high performance, heavy duty, color coating system designed for pavements that are subjected to more wear than a typical tennis court.

As Pickleball courts have a greater number of players on a smaller area the coating system must provide added durability to prevent premature wear. The appearance of Novaplay® is similar to that of a tennis court surface, however it is formulated with a harder acrylic emulsion providing greater wear and abrasion resistance. The Novaplay® Pickleball surface was developed to delivery unmatched performance, durability and color retention, while offering features designed specifically for the sport of picklaball. Novaplay® provides players a unique low abrasive texture reducing wear on shoes, balls and more importantly your body. The Novaplay® Pickleball surface is available in twelve standard colors through a worldwide network of authorized installers.

  • Minimum Application Temperature is 50°F and rising.
  • Application is with a neoprene rubber squeegee
  • NOVAPLAY is not hazardous* and is free of lead, mercury, asbestos and formaldehyde.

*According to standards in place at the time this document was created, this product is rated non-hazardous

Use Novaplay undiluted
0.064 - 0.069 gallons per sq. yd., per coat // 130 - 140 sq. ft. per gallon per coat
Black, Blue, Burgundy, Classic Green, Grass Green, Nova Green, Red, Sand Dune, Terra Cotta
5 gallon pail or 30 gallon drum
12.5 lbs per gallon
color selectorData Sheetprotect from heatdo not freeze