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Novacrylic Combination Surface System for new concrete







  • Textured acrylic surface system for new concrete tennis courts and recreational playing areas.



              A. Related Requirements

1. Section 03 3800 Post-Tensioned Concrete

2. Section 03 3000 Cast-In-Place Concrete

B. References

1. American Sports Builders Association (ASBA)

2. American Concrete Institute (ACI)

3. United States Tennis Association (USTA)

4. International Tennis Federation (ITF)



A.          All surface coatings products shall be supplied by a single                  manufacturer.

B.          Manufacturer regularly engaged in the manufacture of acrylic surface systems for recreational areas for past 5 years.

C.          Manufacturer is a member of ASBA.

D.          Manufacturer is a United States owned Company

E.          Manufacturers surface system classified by the ITF.

F.           Concrete must have proper slope and drainage per ASBA Tennis Book.

G.          Concrete must have 15 mil polyolefin vapor barrier and installed per ASTM E-1745

H.          New Concrete must cure for a minimum of 28 days

I.            New Concrete must have a medium broom finish

J.           No Curing compounds should be used unless the manufacturer states that they may be coated with water based acrylic coatings.


1.04      SUBMITTALS

A.          Product Data: Submit manufacturer’s product data and application   specifications and instructions.

B.          Submit color chart of surface samples.

C.          Authorized Applicator Certificate from the surface manufacturer.

D.          Reference list from the installer of at least 5 projects of similar scope.

E.       Submit independent test results for 2000 hour ASTM G155 xenon arc surface color retention. Test report must include total dE (total loss of color in %) value and may not exceed 2% color loss after 2,000 hours to demonstrate long term fade resistance of the color surface system.

F.           Submit independent test results for 2000 hour ASTM G154 QUV accelerated weathering. All colors must pass 2000 hours QUV to demonstrate the long term durability of the color surface system.




A.          Deliver materials to site in manufacturer’s original, unopened containers and packaging, with labels clearly identifying the product name, manufacturer and batch number.


  • Store materials in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Store materials in clean, dry area indoors, out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep materials from freezing.
  • All surfacing materials shall be non-flammable.



A.          Installer shall be regularly engaged in construction and surfacing of recreational coatings.

B.          Installer shall be an Authorized Applicator of the specified surface system.



A.          Do not install unless air and surface temperatures are 50 degrees F and rising.

B.          Do not install when rain is imminent or extremely high humidity prevents drying.

C.          Do not install if the surface temperature is above 140 degrees F.



PART 2            PRODUCTS




  • Nova Sports U.S.A., Inc., Milford, MA 01757 / Novacrylic Sport Surfaces

Toll Free 1-800-USA-NOVA, 001-508-473-6540, Fax. 001-508-473-4077

Internet:  Email:

  • Substitutions: See Section 01 2500 – Substitution Procedures


2.02      MATERIALS


  • Patching and Leveling: Novacrylic Novabond

100% acrylic resin used for leveling low areas and patching cracks.

  • 100% acrylic liquid binder. Minimum 46% solids, 8.9 lbs. per gallon.
  • Mix on site with silica sand and Type 1 Portland Cement
  • Concrete adhesion promoter: Novacrylic WB100 Water Based Epoxy

Water based high solids 2-part epoxy for new concrete for adhesion and vapor control.

  • Water based, low VOC, non-flammable
  • Mix on site with Jiffy blade and electric drill.
  • Novasurface 100% acrylic resurfacer filler coat.

1. Water based high solids 100% acrylic resurfacer minimum 40.25% solids, 10.8 lbs. per gallon.

2. Mix on site with 50-mesh silica sand and water.

  • Novacrylic Combination Surface textured acrylic colored surface.
  • 100% acrylic resin containing factory mixed round silica for low abrasive consistent texture.
  • Water based high solids concentrate, low VOC
  • Minimum 69.43 percent solids, 13.3 lbs. per gallon.
  • Seal A Line 100% acrylic line primer
  • Water based 100% acrylic resin containing no alkyds or vinyl.
  • Minimum 48 percent solids, 9.5 lbs. per gallon
  • Novatex textured white line paint
  • Water based 100% acrylic resin containing no alkyds or vinyl.
  • Texture shall be the same size round silica as Novacrylic Combination Surface (factory mixed).
  • Minimum 70 percent solids, 14 lbs. per gallon


PART 3            EXECUTION


3.01      INSPECTION

A. Inspect the concrete base for vapor barrier per ASTM E-1745, medium broom finish, proper slope and drainage as per ASBA Tennis Book Guidelines.

B. Notify Architect of any conditions that may affect the application of the surface system.


A. Do not install when rain is imminent or extremely high humidity prevents drying.

B. Do not install unless air and surface temperatures are 50 degrees F and rising.

C. Do not install if the surface temperature is above 140 degrees F.


A. The concrete shall be inspected and made sure to be free of grease, oil, dust, dirt and any other foreign matter before starting work.

B. Pressure wash the concrete to clean before starting.

C. The surface shall be flooded. Any ponding water remaining that is deep enough to cover the thickness of a five-cent coin shall be corrected using a patch mix consisting of Novabond, 50-mesh silica sand and Type 1 Portland cement as per manufacturer’s directions.. Depressions must be primed first with Novabond mixed equally with water prior to patching.

D. Repair any cracks or holes using the same method as described above 3.03.C.

E. Grind or brick any rough edges and ensure all repairs and patches are smooth and level to adjoining areas.



A. Apply one (1) coat of WB100 water based epoxy using a 3/8” floor roller or neoprene rubber squeegee. WB100 is a two part epoxy that will be mixed with an electric drill and Jiffy blade for three minutes. Once mixed the pot life is forty five minutes. Applications will be done in sections. Broadcast 10lbs 50-mesh silica sand per gallon of WB100 on the wet epoxy. WB100 Application rate is 0.045 gallons per square yard. Allow WB100 to dry completely. Broom, blow or vacuum any loose silica sand. Next application must be applied within seventy two hours.

B. (OPTIONAL) Using a neoprene rubber squeegee, apply one (1) coat of Novasurface acrylic resurfacer, diluted one (1) part water to two (2) parts Novasurface. Clean bagged 50-mesh silica sand shall be incorporated into the diluted Novasurface at the rate of five (5) to ten (10) lbs. per gallon. Allow to dry completely before next application. Novasurface concentrated application rate is 0.156 gallons per square yards.

C. Inspect the entire surface, any defects should be repaired. Scrape the surface to remove any lumps. Blow and broom off any loose matter.

D. Using a neoprene rubber squeegee apply two (2) coats of Novacrylic Combination surface, diluted two (2) parts concentrated material to one (1) part clean water (colors to be determined by owner). Combination Surface concentrated application rate is 0.055 gallons per square yard. Allow each application to dry completely before next application. The quantity of water used in diluting these coatings may exceed the quantity specified by only a small amount and only if coatings are drying too rapidly. Permission of owner shall be obtained before adding additional water.


A. Lines shall be carefully measured and marked with chalk in accordance with USTA Rules of Tennis and ASBA Tennis Book Guidelines.

B. All lines are to be applied by painting between painter’s grade masking tape with a brush or roller. No spraying of lines allowed.

C. Prime masked lined with one (1) coat Seal-A-Line. Allow Seal-A-Line to dry completely before next application. Application rate is 0.08 gallons per square yards or 1 gallon per tennis court.

D. Paint lines with Novatex textured line paint.

Application rate is 0.08 gallons per square yards or 1 gallon per tennis court.

Allow application to dry.

E. Remove masking tape immediately after Novatex is dry. Do not leave the masking tape on overnight.

3.06      PROTECTION

A. Allow a minimum of 24 hours drying time for outdoor courts before opening for play. Indoor courts will take longer to dry and cure and should dry a minimum of 7 days before play is allowed depending on the atmospheric conditions in the building.

3.07      CLEAN UP

A. All containers and debris shall be removed and disposed of in accordance with local, state and Federal regulations.